Just Like a Girl

I am stronger than you think

The story of Just like a girl as non-profit organization was first started by 15 yrs old Olivia Dey. Olivia was a victim of bully during her grade school days and had health issues. She started playing water polo at her teacher's recommendation, when she was 12 years old. The game changed her life completely. Not only she became physically strong, her self-esteem improved considerably under the guidance of her coaches. But while playing as the only female player in a team of boys, Olivia faced lots of resistance due to stereotypical mindset. She has been coaching for last two years as well and has been empowering children through sports. Soon she became an advocate of female sports. Olivia wants to share her life changing experience in sports with more girls like her and create a generation of stronger girls through sports.

Sports is the only world where men and women could be equal. We look forward to change the cultural of female sports and build a stronger future for our girls through this organization. We created a space for strong girls to call their own. This is a call to all girls of ages 8 to 18 to be a part of the movement: #justlikeagirlinsports

Olivia photo

“Water Polo is the best thing that happened to me. I never knew there is so much power in sports and leadership that it can make someone so much stronger physically and mentally, in the shortest possible period. Apart from the difficulties I faced as a girl athlete, I have been blessed with some best coaches and leaders in this game, the experience of which I would like to share with other girls in my community through this organization.”

Olivia Dey

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an empowered generation of girls through sports by providing a gender neutral and positive environment in the world of sports.

Our Mission

Female athletes are 3 times more likely to graduate and 82% Senior Executives played organized sports while growing up. Still sports dropout rates for girls are six times the rate for boys. The problem is myriad. In most cases it is due to the lack of female friendly environment and positive role model. We at Just like a Girl in Sports strive to involve and retain more girls into sports, empower them by means of positive leadership, create a gender neutral environment in sports and help them stay healthy physically and mentally to become a strong and powerful woman.