Our Team


Aishwarya Saxena - Operations Manager

Aishwarya believes playing sports is important for every child to gain the confidence, problem-solving skills and friendships they need to be successful in their day-to-day lives. She is a Mechanical Engineer working in the Power Generation Industry and dabbles in little bit of everything from her experience being a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor, learning Karate, holding a Private Pilot's License, an Open-water diving (PADI) license and playing volleyball recreationally. She has experience obtaining sponsorships, organizing and hosting many fundraising events including raising more than $10,000 for the Sick Kids Foundation. Her most favourite activity, though, is taking her dog on walks and exploring new parks!


Bianca Amos - Advocacy Manager

Bianca Mattison-Amos is a writer, media producer, podcast host, and content creator. She is the producer and host of "The Once Broken Podcast" where she and her guests share remarkable stories of overcoming brokenness and finding healing and redemption. Bianca has written for the online magazine "The Mindful Word" and the newsletter “TheBubbleNewsletter”. Bianca’s life mission is to positively impact the lives of others through storytelling.


Molly Carruth - Program Coordinator

Molly is a Grade 8 student in Scarborough and an avid water polo player. She has been with Shadow Water Polo club for three years and she is absolutely is love of the sport. When she is not in the pool training you can find her riding bike around the neighbourhood or at the beach with her friends? In school her favorite subjects are History, Science and English and she loves to read non-fiction book.

Sonya Bong - Program Coordinator

Sonya is an upcoming Grade 11 Student in Toronto, Ontario. She is a passionate and hard-working individual, who loves to hang-out with friends, read, and runs. Sonya is a student-athlete and played 2 varsity sports with her high school, and is also a competitive figure skater, who recently had the opportunity to attend Nationals in Calgary in February. She is so excited to volunteer and work alongside Just Like a Girl, to make a positive impact in the community.

Tess Dutkiewicz - Communications Manager

STess is a grade 9 student in Pickering, Ontario where her favourite classes are math and history. She’s hard-working and determined and loves to work with kids. She plays competitive water polo in Scarborough but also loves to play softball, ski and read in her spare time. Tess has volunteered around her community helping with lots of different activities like volunteering at camps and working with kids with special needs. She is excited to work with Just Like A Girl and help other girls learn important life skills through sports.


Neeti Modi - Outreach Coordinator

Anjanaa Tharsan is 15 years old high school student. She is extremely passionate about sports. She used to do taekwondo and was a fine swimmer. She has been involved in other high school sports like track and field and volleyball. Currently she plays basketball and is an asset for Just Like a Girl.


Anjana Tharsan - Outreach Coordinator

Neeti is 16 years old and started getting involved in sports at the age of 6. She started with many sports like swimming, skating, skiing, snow boarding. Currently Neeti is completing her National Life Guard certification. Two years ago, Neeti was introduced to Water Polo through Just Like a Girl. Ever since then Neeti has been volunteering with this organisation as a member of the working group and coach. Neeti is also completing her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award program.


Grace Walmsley - Outreach Coordinator

Grace Walmsley graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Dual Major of Biology and Psychology. Sports have been a huge part of her life. She tried all sorts of sports and activities as a young child, but most notably pursued competitive hockey, soccer and competed nationally in both cross country and sailing. Her love for sports has translated into many aspects of her life, being the Captain of the Varsity Cross Country and Middle Distance Team and Wilfrid Laurier University, as well as coaching her high school Cross Country team and the Track and Field camps at the University of Toronto. Being a women in sport has empowered her, providing her motivation and drive that she hopes to share with other girls and women.